“Wrapt” is pronounced just the same as "wrapped". :-) It is simply an old form of the word, meant to invoke the deliberateness, tactility and pleasure of an everyday act: that of wrapping ourselves in cloth / clothes, both as a means of protection and in order to present ourselves to the world.

And nothing else - at least if you ask us! - wraps one quite the way a knitted garment does!

Wrapt was started in early 2018 in Johannesburg, SA. Our team of four make limited edition knitwear using beautiful natural yarn -  and vintage domestic knitting machines. Each piece is produced individually and finished by hand.

Why? Because we think that South Africa, which produces merino, cotton and mohair, deserves some nice knitwear of its own… Not just the exceptional, gallery-worthy work of Maxhosa by Laduma (respect!), but beautiful, durable and flattering go-to clothes for summer, winter and every mixed up season in between.

Our products and the way we make them fall firmly into the slow fashion movement. We take great care to make things that are timeless and durable, so that they can be worn and loved for years.