Winter 2018: Beautiful Basics

Winter 2018: Beautiful Basics

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Wrapt's Winter 2018 knitwear range has its origins in an embarrassingly selfish place: they're the things I want in my wardrobe... Okay, not just me: there were many conversations with friends, family and random strangers that started with "So what is your favourite ever knitted thing?"

A lot of answers came only after a bit of pondering. When they came, though, they were surprisingly passionate, and sometimes went way back to recall a beloved cardigan / jersey / cropped sweater / zip-up top / hoodie. If these were no longer around (lost / outgrown / falling apart), they were actively missed, and there was a strong sense that they were almost impossible to replace.

Many of the garments in our first range are inspired by these conversations. They are meant to be go-to clothes, that make you feel well dressed and equipped for your day. Everything has been designed to flatter, and I like to think that every garment has a kind of quiet dignity to it. My 10 year old nephew told his mom that wearing a pair of our hand warmers made him feel "stronger and more capable". We love that!

The range also takes account of the fact that a winter's day here in SA can go from bitingly cold to beautifully mild, so in addition to the "heavies" it features many lighter pieces for layering up and down, and accessories (hand warmers, cowls and wraps) that can ease the transitions.

Our curiosity about beloved knitwear is burning bright, and therefore we'd like to ask you all the same question:

"So what is or was you favourite ever knitted thing?"

Whether it is/was a garment or an accessory, whether for winter, summer or in between, please let us know!


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