Seduced by colour

When thinking about colour, my original intention was to focus on a handful; specifically I envisaged a collection made up out of charcoal, gray, light blue and red. Just those.

But then I met the Colourspun range of yarns, and promptly fell under its spell.

The current palette has retained the gray / red / blue core, but we've extended the range outwards from there.

So there is both watermelon red (cotton) and rust (wool) and the most beautiful yellow. Together with the charcoal and the duck's egg / light blue they seem to us to represent something of Joburg in winter, with its pale skies, bright aloes and, later on, burnt stretches of koppie.

There is also pink and purple in a few variations: a clear, pretty purple in cotton and a dark aubergine in wool; a dusky pink and plummy combination in some of the cotton tops.

These are both colours that feature strongly at the moment, not only in fashion - where "millennial pink" has reclaimed the colour for modern women - but in society. I guess everyone has seen Black Panther by now: notice how big a role purple plays, in both the costumes (alongside red), as well as over the end titles?

And then there is the colour we called "weird green" amongst ourselves until a long search led us to "golden lime", Pantone's term for this yellow-green shade. Everyone who sees it loves its sophisticated brightness - even though it might not be the easiest colour to wear!

We would love to hear what you think about our colours. Leave a comment, or reach out to us on FB, through email or Messenger; and if you're wearing one of our garments or accessories please post a pic and tag us!





Too beatiful. So proud of you, nig!

Karen Naude

Karen Naude

I love the colour combinations! Brilliant and beautiful!



Simply beautiful! Good luck Hannelie

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