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Wrapt is and old form of the word "wrapped" and is pronounced the same way.

For me it invokes the most archetypal form of dress: wrapping one's body in a piece of cloth. I love how the daily act of wrapping ourselves in cloth / clothes is so simple and near-universal, and at the same time endlessly complex and expressive.
Using knitting as a medium comes from a similar place: I'm fascinated by an ancient craft that is inexhaustibly inventive.

After exploring both hand knitting and industrial production, we have settled on using vintage domestic knitting machines for production. They are faster than hand knitting (which, generally, is simply just too time consuming to make for a viable business model) - but much more hands on than industrial production. Using a domestic knitting machine requires experience, skill, focus and tenacity. Each piece is made individually, by a single person, and finished by hand.

Hannelie Bekker, the owner of Wrapt, does all of the development and sample knitting. When a small production run is required, the knitting is outsourced to MachKnitZ NPO in Springs, who coordinate the project with knitters affiliated to them. Knitters work in the comfort and safety of their own homes, on a schedule that suits them and are paid a rate that acknowledges and respects their skill.


Modern, quality knits are generally very easy to look after, and Wrapt's pieces are no exception. Please see here for all the nitty gritty.

Given the wide range of possibilities we don't have a one size fits all approach to repairs.

If you have a problem get in touch and we'll evaluate it with you.

Sometimes we're able to talk a customer through a repair, or send a video tutorial.

If this is not possible, we will give you a quote to do the repair, just to cover time and cost on our side.


Sustainability is one of Wrapt's founding principles. Read more here about how that principle shapes every aspect of the business.


We mostly in response to an order, in order to avoid waste or overproduction. For this you should allow 8-10 working days + 1-2 days for shipping. If you need something more urgently than that, get in touch before you place the order, and we'll accommodate you if at all possible.