the raw materials


Using natural yarn is a founding principle for Wrapt. Apart from loving the qualities of properties of wool, linen, cotton, mohair and silk, we believe that bio-degradability is key in moving to a less harmful clothing industry.

wonderful wool


Merino is as lovely to work with as it is to wear. Appreciation for its properties keeps growing among designers, manufacturers and consumers. It is anti-bacterial and odour resistant, and masterful at moisture management.

It is also extremely versatile: good for cosy sweaters, of course, but in light weights it also works wonderfully for breathable summer tops and airy wraps.

Merino wool is very fine, and not scratchy at all. It is soft, but robust, and will, with a bit of care, last for a very long time. For detailed care guidelines click here.

the noble fibre


South Africa is the world's biggest producer of this noble fibre, making it extra special to work with. It is breathable, anti-bacterial, and stain resistant and its warmth to weight ratio is astonishing.

Worried about scratchiness? If your frame of reference is mohair blankies from your childhood, be assured that processing has come a long way. In addition we select the yarns we work with very carefully for smoothness and softness.

However, sensitivity to the fibre does occur: If you order a mohair item and find that it irritates your skin, we will happily give you a store credit or a refund.

crisp & cool


Our cotton garments are wonderfully soft and breathable, making them perfect for summer and transseasonal use.

In environmental terms cotton is not unproblematic: the heavy environmental toll of cotton crops, together with the short life cycle of many cotton garments, has been well documented.

The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is playing a big role in improving the situation - and of course our garments are not meant to have a short life cycle, but to be worn and cherished for a long time.

For detailed care guidelines click here.