easy on you, light on the planet

caring for your knits

Everything we make is meant to wear beautifully and last a long time. It is all easy-care, making them light on you as well as on the planet.


1 - Don't overwash! Mohair and merino wool, especially, need infrequent cleaning, only when visibly soiled. These fibres are anti-bacterial, as well as odour and stain resistant, so the stay remarkably clean and fresh even with heavy wear.

2 - Air rather than wash: if after wearing a knit you'd like it to freshen up a bit, leave it outside your cupboard for a few hours to air out.

3 - Always store your garments flat, rather than on hangers, to keep their shape. If you do need to hang something for a short while, be sure to use a hanger with little "shoulders". If you find that the hanger has left impressions on your garment, use a steaming iron or a hand steamer to coax the fabric back into shape. Don't press: let the steam do the work.

4 - Steam: natural fibre knits love steam. You can use it as yet another way to freshen a piece, or to restore its shape. Steam also works wonders for curling edges.

5 - If you wear your garment often you may, as with all natural fibres, see a bit of pilling. This affects only the surface: carefully remove the little bobbles with a fabric shaver or even a sharp disposable razor, and your garment will be as good as new.


The mohair blends we use are pretty robust.

Mohair is resistant to bacteria, odours and stains, meaning that cleaning is needed only when there is visible staining or grime.

Taking mohair to a reputable dry cleaner is an option; however, you can easily hand wash it.

- Use lukewarm water and Woolite, or a bit of your own shampoo.

- Gently agitate the water to lift dirt; never wring or rub.

- Drain & let clean water rinse out any foam.

- Lift and allow the excess water to drain out (mohair doesn't hold on to a lot of water, making it easy to handle when wet).

- Squeeze gently with your hands or between towels if more water needs to be removed.

- Lay flat to dry, reshaping while damp.

- Once dry, a steam iron can be hovered over the garment to fluff up the fibres; a vigorous shake will have the same effect.

- Store flat.


Merino wool is naturally anti-bacterial, as well as odour and stain resistant. Unless your garment is visibly dirty or stained, it really does not need washing.

If you do need to clean it, hand wash, or wash on a gentle machine cycle, using a suitable detergent and a laundry bag. Don't wring or run. Lay flat to dry, reshaping while damp.

Caring for your cotton pieces

Cotton is resilient and, with the proper care, will stay beautiful for years.

Hand wash, or wash on a gentle machine cycle, using a suitable detergent and a laundry bag. Follow the drying guidelines above. 

Caring for fibre blends 

Sometimes we make things that contain more than one fibre. The rule of thumb is to follow the instructions for the more delicate of the fibres. You can never go wrong with a gentle hand wash.

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